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If we talk about Pokémon, so a considerable amount of youth has praised the cartoon characters a lot in the whole world. Considering the interest of the youth, the publishers decided to create the game of these cartoons. Therefore, a perfect video game series developed for the same purpose. Luckily, the video game series got the right amount of boom, and every person who played enjoyed it.

App NamePokémon GO
Latest Version0.201.1
Update July 4, 2021

In the initial stages, the game tends to develop specifically for desktop users. However, the boom of mobile games in the past two years also insisted on creating a mobile version. That’s where the idea of Pokémon Go established, and it’s now available as a mobile game in the android mobile store.

Pokémon GO

The VR Experience to Discover Pokémon Worldwide:

If we talk about the Pokémon Go version, the game depends on the VR technology, which offers a tremendous amount of experiences to every person who downloads and plays this game. In other words, the developer of this game brings the real world inside the game, which makes it a unique and outstanding version for those who love to watch Pokémon cartoons and wants to experience the same thing in reality through the games.

Apart from that, you can play this game by enjoying the most outstanding features like matching the two elements, which later becomes a Pokémon GO. In general, it’s one of the fantastic feelings ever for anyone at the time of playing this game.

Another fantastic thing about this game is that you can use the Google map to create your maps inside the game. Pokémon Go is not like other games, where you have to make your maps. Instead, the game offers you the Google map service, which provides a unique and outstanding experience.

People’s interest has decreased in the past two years since the time the game released on the Google play store. However, it doesn’t mean that people are not playing this game anymore. There are a lot of peoples who are still playing this game at the same pace.

You can currently assume the significant updates in this game, making the game more attractive for the people. The current updates make the entire game smoother than past experiences, which is the primary reason people are still considering this game a lot.

If we talk about the installations of this game, so it climbs to millions of amount. Therefore, no one can easily say that Pokémon game is a waste of time as it provides the right sense of experience and attraction to the players.

Outstanding Gameplay:

Pokémon GO

The gameplay is one of the significant factors for the tremendous results for any android game. Why? Because mobile games tend to be boring and professional gamers doesn’t rely upon it a lot. However, Pokémon go didn’t let that experience for their games and providing the best version of gameplay in their games.

The amount of value and support related to its gameplay is still the same, just like how it’s first released two years back. It’s still considered the best game because of the gameplay it offers to the customers.

If we talked about the animated series of Pokémon Go, the main task was to catch the Pokémon character. However, the same thing is imposed inside the game in the usual way. In other gameplays, you have to catch the character and control it by sitting inside your home. However, Pokémon go didn’t depend on the same way.

In other words, you have to move around the map in real life to move the character. As said earlier, the Google map is integrated with this game, which helps you to locate everything in reality. Inside the map, you will get the information about different arenas and stations, mostly the Pokémon’s.

You need to follow the right path inside the map. Why? Because it will help you out to use the poke ball to quickly catch up the character inside the game with the help of phone screen.

If we talk about the characters, you will see Pikachu, Charizard, Venusaur, and many other characters. Catching them would be a great responsibility for you in later times. Because you have to train them in the right way to fight with other Pokémon’s.

If you made it possible to train the Pokémon in the right way, you would be the best trainer of Pokémon in this game. Therefore, different awards and prizes will be an offer to you inside the game.

Outstanding Graphics:

Pokémon GO

The developers of this game have put a lot of efforts in the graphics of this game. You should know that the game is a 3D image designed, which is pretty much the same as shown on the TV. The AR technology is also included inside this game, which also provides an outstanding result.

Moreover, the features also allow you to feel it’s the reality with a camera that goes back to real landscapes. The game’s background will be the actual background in the real-life where ever you will be standing. In other words, this game offers you the experience to fantasize lots of things in the real world at the time of playing this game with the help of a mobile camera and screen.


Pokémon is the famous cartoon series that got lots of appraisal from the youth all around the world. Due to these reasons, they also started to create the video game series of this cartoon characters. Luckily, the publishers got the same amount of response in their games, which was the most significant success.

If we talk about Pokémon Go, it’s one of the best mobile games available on Google play store that has gained lots of appraisal and installation. The game depends on the AR and VR technology, which makes it a simulation game as well. You can perform pretty much the same things in this game just like the way you see in the cartoons. Not only that, but you can do it in real-life activities.

The game is integrated with the Google map, where you can catch the characters with poke ball help and later train them for fighting with other Pokémon’s. Moreover, the character moves when you move down the roads. So, it’s also an outstanding feature that makes this game excellent for the players.

Download Pokémon GO From Google Play


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